BALDI: all hues of happiness

Joy is an exclusive line of home accessories from BALDI Home Jewels designed by the brand’s Art Director Luca Bojola in partnership with the Department of Industrial Design at the University of Florence. A design concept combining classical lines and bright colors is the hallmark of the Joy collection. Joy from BALDI Home Jewels includes crystal vases, lamps, sectional dishes and boxes in various shapes. The symphony of multicolored, sparkling cut crystal gives an emotional uplift! This is why the collection is called Joy. Multicolored crystal creates the impression of a bright kaleidoscope, with warm amber, extravagant purple, soft pink hues, marine blue and bright green that delight and dazzle with the incredible beauty of the rich and varied compositions!

We invite you to the VOIX showroom in the Crocus City Mall, 2nd floor, line 2 +7(495)981-9033